Cover Reveal Scheduled March 19

March 8, 2018

The cover of Christine Hurley Deriso’s upcoming novel, “Things I’d Rather Do Than Die,” will be revealed Monday, March 19 at noon on

“I’m so thrilled to show off this cover,” says Deriso. “The art department had to do a lot of heavy lifting — keeping the cover subtle yet nuanced, bold yet soft, smoldering yet cool — while suggesting the contrasts between the polar-opposite main characters, Ethan and Jade.”

The novel, Deriso’s 11th book, is a contemporary young-adult novel revolving around the two most mismatched seniors at Walt Whitman High School. When Jade and Ethan find themselves locked in an aerobics room overnight, their confinement forces them to push past the labels they’ve given each other. Amid hours of arguing, philosophizing, and silly game playing, Ethan and Jade learn there’s a lot more to the other person than meets the eye. Can they sustain their newfound bond once they ease back into the real world?

The book will be published Sept. 18 by Flux. “This will be my fifth title with Flux, and I couldn’t be more excited,” says Deriso. “I’ve never before encountered a team with higher standards or bigger hearts. Everything they do is infused with so much care and passion. I’m incredibly privileged to work with them.”

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